Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Forever Girl Review

The problem with new authors is that, since the recent trend of self-published e-books, there are so many of them! Having been a wanderer of many a bookstore and library in my youth, the days of casually browsing through shelves of familiar names are all-but over and a beloved past-time has been desaturated with tired angles and rehashed stories.

Breaking the mold is one Rebecca Hamilton, a rare gem picked up by Immortal Ink Publishing for her first book, The Forever Girl.

I'll be honest, I happened across an interview with her on a blog that was offering a free copy of the book, so I thought I'd give it a shot. With a complete stroke of luck, I ended up winning the copy and did a ridiculous happy dance that lasted all of 3.2 seconds before I realized nobody was there to witness my gloating. (Self-gratification is for suckers)

So on to the book itself -

The Forever Girl follows the life of twenty-two year old Sophia Parsons, a practicing Wiccan in a small, religious town. Not her religion. Already being set apart as an outsider, things complicate when she can't seem to escape a constant buzzing in her head.

From there, Sophia's attempts at deeper understanding lead into a well-crafted world of supernatural beings. Not your typical vampire/werewolf nonsense that has taken paranormal romance by storm and run rampant and streaking through the quad with all the appeal of a sun-burned manatee...


Instead, Rebecca has woven together an amazing mythology that holds through out the story. Her ability to write tension is some of the best I've ever seen, painting panic with words to accompany the rich, vibrant hues of the world she's crafted.

My advice? Pick up this book and call in sick, because it's damned near impossible to find a stopping point.

Aside from being a fresh talent with a unique perspective on writing, Rebecca's a pretty cool person, having agreed to do an interview for the writing group this week. Read it at the KFWWriters blog, then check back on Friday for an excerpt and book give-away (so you can see what I'm talking about)

Or pick up a copy for yourself! And thank me later.


  1. Exceptional review, Bryan. I've got my copy.

  2. "My advice? Pick up this book and call in sick, because it's damned near impossible to find a stopping point."

    Perfect summation. Perfect.

    Great review! I love this book.