Saturday, April 28, 2012

Republique - A New Hope

Call me a sentimental fanboy, but Camouflaj's upcoming project has stuck with me and I wish to see it through to the end.  If you're scratching your head, check out my initial preview of Republique here!

Camouflaj has now announced that they will be making a SPECIAL EDITION of Republique, designed especially for play via the PC and Mac.  As Ryan Payton has stated, this will be much more than a simple copy and paste from the iOS version.  This is a good thing, because while the game is looking incredible so far, it's more of the experience that it offers, leaving players panicked about what may happen if their battery runs out with Hope trapped in an elevator.

I'm pretty curious as to what all the PC and Mac version will offer, although I will admit I'm a bit disappointed by the outcome.  Like I said, it's the experience that really drew me into the game, something completely different and, while I have faith that Camouflaj will come up with something amazing, putting it on a computer seems too much like an adventure game.

Really it's just the idea that the hard-working developers had to roll over a bit and sell-out some of their newly won freedom just for the opportunity to make the game.

It hasn't hit goal yet, but has sky-rocketed since the introduction of the PC version.  So I ask you kindly, help keep this momentum going by spreading the word!  Pitch it to Hunger Game fanatics, Angry Bird enthusiasts and George Orwell junkies!  Just pass on this link -

Less than two weeks to go and a lot of ground to make up.  Help Camouflaj bring gaming and iPhone usage to all-new heights by encouraging and supporting!  Every dollar counts!

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