Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy, I Wanna be a Starfighter Pilot

Just about every child of the 80s at one point in time dreamed of being an astronaut.  But every child of the 80s who saw Star Wars or The Last Starfighter dreamed of flying through space and blasting enemy craft to tiny astral bits.

I got a bit closer as great games like Tie-Fighter vs X-Wing and Wing Commander came out.  Not to mention the coffee house just off campus in good ol' Denton, TX (Karma Cafe for you locals) had an old-school Star Wars video game.  The one where you blow up the death star in 3D line goodness!

But the highlight of my visions of star-fighter goodness were realized when I picked up a copy of Freelancer out of the bargain bin of a local electronics store.  Suddenly I was emersed in an abundance of excellence never before witnessed in a space-fighter game: in-depth story, different factions, mining and trading.  From jumpgates to various planet ports and space stations, this game has held the pinnacle of ideal gaming for over a decade.  Even with worn graphics, I still have a copy installed on my latest PC (which I've had for about 4 months now)

But now comes the next move in intergalactic space-fighting goodness!  Thanks to Garry Gaber, formerly of LucasArts, and my unstoppable obsession with Kickstarter, Starlight Inception may be coming to a PC near you!  Well.. depending on your vicinity to me... cuz it'll be on mine (Suckas!)

With just over 24 hours to go, they still need a good push to get funded, but what a bargain!  For just $15, about what I spent on Freelancer 12 years ago, you can ensure that this game gets funded, and get a copy for yourself!

So what do you have to look forward to with Starlight Inception?  Let's have a look -

-  Dramatic and realistic storyline: Players will experience an enveloping space saga with a deep and involving story that spans the solar system.
-  Richly detailed: Rich detail will show from the capital ships, environments, space fighters, transports to explosions.
-  Space action: Action in space and over the surface of planets and moons. Fly over a planet’s atmosphere then swoop down over surface vehicles and troops for a visceral experience both at high and low altitudes.
-  Camera perspective: Switchable 1st and 3rd person cameras let the player tailor the game experience to their own liking.
-  Lots of stuff to do: Blow up stuff with the most advanced fighters known to man, salvage destroyed vessels for cool stuff, defend your ship against incoming marauders, locate and destroy ground targets, blow up more stuff...

And some of the best I've saved for last... On-Demand Management of Energy Resources - Stellar (pun very intended) Soundtrack by David Arkenstone - Triple Grammy Nominated composer

For those of you wondering, no I haven't given up on the wonderful world of literature in favor of marketing kickstarter projects, but I always root for the underdogs with vision.  And between you and me, Space Fighters will never go out of style. 

But the clock is ticking!  Spread the word that Starlight Inception and Republique (read my blogs on Republique here and here) both need YOU and everybody you ever know, have met, or accidentally spilled coffee on while walking down the street to a matinee that you're already late to and are counting on 15 minutes of trailers that weren't worth viewing.

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